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You were working with Jane for five years. She was always behind the table in front of you. You were going for lunches together, you told each other about different things and you laughed a lot. She was beautiful, long-legged, intelligent, polite. She had long blonde hair, brown eyes and perfect skin. You fell in love with her the first time you saw her, but you were convinced you weren’t good enough for her. Obviously she never admitted this, but you were positive that she could be with every other man and you weren’t exceptional. You fantasized your life by her side, but you knew your hopes would never come true. It was a pluvial and ugly afternoon when you found out that many people from the work were going to work to different division in Mumbai. You were positive what that meant. You could lose her forever. It was really broad town and she would get together with someone in a short time. You arrived to office and were told that your worst fears became real. She decided to leave. You were little furious as you thought she would discuss with you such a huge choice. But it seemed like she didn’t care for you at all. Yet, you decided to find her and ask about this.

She was casing her things from the writing table and chatting with colleagues from office. You began talking to her, but you sounded like you didn’t care that she was leaving. You said some very cold sentences, said good luck and told her goodbye. You were furious that you behaved like this, but you were desperate and joyless and you had a broken heart. She was leaving that afternoon and you couldn’t do anything to stop her. You came back home and decided to go to take a nap. But then some things appeared your head. You were going to lose the love of your life and you stopped trying to beg her to stay. You should have at least confess her your feelings for all this time. You didn’t have many things to lose as she was leaving to be in other city very distant from you. There was no other option. You got a taxi and went quickly to the airfield. After looking for the right terminal, you spotted her and started shrieking to to make her turn around. She turned round and when she noticed you her expression got different. She was smiling and chuckling. She admitted she waited such a long time for you to ask her out but she decided to move on with her life. She thought she was just a colleague to you. When you admitted what you really felt she said she loved you too. You both decided that you couldn’t wait any longer and you were meant to spend your life together. You’ve never been more happy than with her. Are you reading this history and you can’t believe this could be your story? You couldn’t have been more wrong! Don’t waste any more time sitting alone! Meet one of the Mumbai escort girls and let her make your life happier. New amazements and adventures? More fortunate days? It’s possible! Mumbai escorts girls will make your dreams come true!

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